Monday, August 29, 2011

The pink tutu

Aaron's store went through Grand Opening over the weekend... Congratulations Daddy!!  And the festivities were a big deal. I had prior obligations so Poppy, Grammy, and Aunt Haley took Ella out to have a little outdoor fun.

I am still in shock that it went very well. Of course, Ella is a risk-seeking litle girl, so I guess I should really not be at all surprised that she loved this first-time activity.

I am so thankful to Grammy for capturing this first for Ella.

I am pretty sure that this little diva is the only cowgirl wearing a pink tutu. This was her outfit of choice for the day. No arguments from Mommy. I love my frilly girl.

Also, they went for a little "Tractor Ply" shopping. Definitely a favorite activity for Ella. She is already a professional shopper.

Poppy and Ella just look so cute walking holding hands... aww... so much love... and so much play. I am sure they are discussing tractors (a.k.a. lawn mowers).

Supporting Tractor Ply,

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